More than just names of rooms

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More than just names of rooms

Whether we talk about love for the Church or commitment to Schoenstatt, we are ultimately talking about people. People with whom we are working, for whom we are working, and whose mission in life does not end with their death. Some of these people simply have to be in Rome.

Many of them are named at a  pillar dedicated to them, but there are also rooms that bear the names of some of them who have to give something to Belmonte and its mission.

Pozzobon Room

A "schoenstatter reaching out", a saint of the new evangelization, in solidarity with the poor, moved by one goal: to carry the Blessed Mother and her Son Jesus Christ to those who most need them. That is João L. Pozzobon, initiator of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign.

Gertraud Room

She was the first woman in Schoenstatt: Gertraud von Bullion. She is also part of Belmonte. The first room there to be dedicated to a woman has to bear her name.

Reinisch Room

Mit Pater Franz Reinisch in Kontakt zu kommen ist gefährlich. Das war im Dritten Reich der Fall, weil er kein Blatt vor den Mund nahm und als Christ Farbe bekannte. Der Preis ist hoch, aber ein Leben in Freiheit und mit Charakter ist es wert. Deshalb sollte ein Jugendzimmer auf Belmonte nach P. Franz Reinisch benannt werden.