A Door and a Window

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"A door and a window for Belmonte"

To open doors and windows, to open them wide to get to the world - to the people: a vision that will always be linked with the Second Vatican Council. On the final day of the Second Vatican Council this is the spirit that Father Joseph Kentenich put into the foundation stone for "the shrine of all of us" in Rome.

Open doors and windows support our image of the church:

• Which opens itself for the trends of the world

• Which lets fresh wind into today’s time and its questions and longings, its dreams and concerns.

• To none of those with their doors closed and seeking through the window of their souls can see from afar.

• Which lets the breath of the Holy Spirit pour out into the world.

The Schoenstatt Movement wants to make an active contribution to a dynamic Church, turned to the world, and welcoming all peoples at the International Centre in Belmonte, Rome - a Church according to the heart of Father Joseph Kentenich, a Church according to the heart of Pope Francis.



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Many people dedicated one of the 116 "Doors and Windows" to a loved person. This leaves a lasting and sustainable mark, a testimony of gratitude and appreciation.


This Initiative has ended.