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Through many initiatives, Belmonte has grown

During Belmonte’s construction period, there have been numerous initiatives in which people have shown their love and shared responsibility for the international Roma Center Roma Belmonte:

248 columns

... carry the "House of the Father" in Rome. They bear the names of Schoenstatt Centers, projects and initiatives. They bear, above all, the names of people whose lives are carried by Schoenstatt and whose lives it carries. On earth and in heaven.

Give me your face

... brought the faces of hundreds of people together to form a great digital mosaic of the Dreamtime Wonderful Mother, Queen and Schoenstatt.

A room for each country

The DOMUS PATER KENTENICH guest and meeting center has 31 guest rooms. These rooms bear the names of the countries where there was a shrine in the 2014 Jubilee Year.

Each country was and still is invited to be present in its room: with a picture of the Our Lady of Schöenstatt, a Cross, or another typical image.

Rooms that bear the name Schoenstatt heroes

Whether we are talking about the love for the Church or the commitment to Schoenstatt, it is always about people. People with whom we work with, those for whom we work, and whose life does not stop with their death. These personalities simply belong to Rome. Many of them had a column dedicated. There are three seminar rooms bearing the names and sharing the lives of three of them: Franz Reinisch, Gertraud von Bullion, and Joao Pozzobon.


More than just names of rooms

More than just names of rooms

Whether we talk about love for the Church or commitment to Schoenstatt, we are ultimately talking about people. Three rooms bear the name of outstanding Schoenstatt personalities with a special relation to Belmonte's mission: Gertraud von Bullion, Fr. Franz Reinisch, Joao Pozzobon

A Room for each Country

A Room for each Country

Belmonte is the centre for all Schoenstatt people worldwide. Each national Schoenstatt movement is invited to add something specific to the room that bears its name - a typical crucifix, MTA picture, and one more symbol.

A Door and a Window

A Door and a Window

Belmonte is to be the face of Schoenstatt in the heart of the Church. We want to open doors and windows in the city of the Pope. Several groups or individuals assumed the sponsorship for "A door and a window."