Pozzobon Room

What will Joao Pozzobon bring about from this little corner in Belmonte?



 Painting: Ana Adrogue de Cambaceres, Argentina

The worldwide echoes to the approaching canonisation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Cura Brochero (the “gaucho” priest) speak clearly of the importance of the lives of saints in the Church.

Our Father and Founder always saw to it that Schoenstatt’s ideals should be embodied in actual, great personalities. So it is a great joy to know that in the International Centre in Belmonte, which is in the process of being completed, a room has been prepared for Gertraud von Bullion, Franz Reinisch and Joao Luiz Pozzobon. Three conference rooms will be called after them. Whoever goes there has the possibility of coming into contact with the richness of their lives. Among the many initiatives that are being undertaken at present in relation to the Joao Pozzobon room, is one that invites all who want to join in to send a photo of their wayside shrine. As the photos arrive they will be collated so that together they create a picture of the Pilgrim Mother of Schoenstatt. A picture is the expression of the living presence of the Mother Thrice Admirable in so many corners of the world on all five continents. In this way each country to which the Pilgrim Mother has come is present in this corner of Belmonte, together with Joao Pozzobon, who in his own way set up so many wayside shrines, and in this way transformed streets and roads into centres of Mary’s influence.

As our Pope Francis said in view of the future saint Cura Brochero, Joao Pozzobon is also “a pioneer in going out to the geographical and existential peripheries in order to bring the love and mercy of God to everyone.”

As Mary’s covenant partner he set out from the shrine with the pilgrim picture on his shoulder and with the Rosary in hand, and walked 140.000 km in order to visit families, schools, hospitals, and prisons, and to invite everyone to live the Gospel in the covenant with Mary. In this way he became a living image of what the Pope challenges us to embody as a Church on the way. God willing, many who will use the room bearing his name will catch fire from the example of his life and set off from Belmonte to follow in his footsteps ....

Life is enkindled by life. We cannot imagine what Joao Pozzobon’s landing in this corner of Rome will bring about ....


Ana Echevarría, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Vice-Postulator of the Causa Pozzobon



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