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Loan for Belmonte

On 18 October 2016, the initiative “Loan for Belmonte” began.

The inauguration of the “Pater Kentenich House” of the Schoenstatt International Center Belmonte Rome, will take place on November 16, 2017. The construction is finished; the furniture and equipment have advanced in great part. Soon, 60 accommodations will be available, as well as the modern reception hall, and the retreat area close to the enormous park that can be used by Schoenstatt groups, visitors and pilgrims.

We ask that you help us now!

Many members of the Schoenstatt Movement have supported Belmonte for years by actively helping. On behalf of the responsible holding community, we are very truly grateful to them.

Thanks to the funds raised over the last few years, thanks to many generous donors, it will not be long until the work is finished. But what is unfinished is determining the inauguration date of the House, which will accommodate guests and those who wish to make retreats. This is why we again ask for your decisive help: in the form of donations, or – and this is new – with a…

Private loan

You will help us greatly in this way. Any help will move Belmonte forward!

In the initiative “Loan for Belmonte”, you can

  • With a fixed credit up to 10 years
  • Starting with 1,000 Euros,
  • Obtain up to 2% interest


We will gladly send you more information, and we will personally send the contract for the private loan. Thank you very much for your interest in Belmonte and for your personal support.


I am interested in supporting Belmonte with a personal loan

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More information on Belmonte Loans:  Maria Schaaf, Berg Moriah, Telephone  +49 2620-941-413 or -0, Mail: